Ethics and values are rarely there.

DEVELOPMENT, DEVELOPMENT, is a great buzz word they boot,

BAKASURs eye for a share of the loot.

POWER and AUTHORITY in his cloudy eye,

Sense of Justice is given a good-bye.

YOUNG or OLD, Male or Female,

For the BAKASUR, it is only a sale.

GREED is GREAT for pelf and illegal gain,

All efforts to fight the BAKASURs have gone in vain.

CASTE or CREED, religion or region, no one has a say,

Everyone is bleeding to pay,

VICTIMS and SOCIETY, States and Nation are at bay,

Alas! Corruption, Corruption, is there to stay.

ABB is not a FORUM for fame,

It is certainly a SOCIETY to put the BAKASURS to shame.




Truly guided by MY CONSCIENCE, I take the following pledge:

1. I feel proud of being an active member of Anti Bakasur Brigade, themission of which is SOCIAL CHANGE

3. I will be law-abiding, and will stand by the principles of ethics andvalues, truthfulness and honesty as enshrined in the mission of ABB

4. I will endeavour to promote an honest and classless society, and workfor making it a corruption-free, pollution-free place for everyone to livein at peace and with good-health

5. I will truly try my best to achieve the goals of our ABB.


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