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Corrupt Gentleman & Silent Society

Corrupt Gentleman

Greed subsumes a man – be it an industrialist or a businessman, a public servant or a politician, or a professional. Obsessed with such greed some of them commit several serious crimes – cheating, forgery, extortion, criminal misappropriation, criminal breach of trust, abuse or misuse of authority, and many more to loot people, the society, and the nation. They are not only criminals, but are anti-social and anti-national elements. Compared to small time criminals who commit offences because of need – be it hunger or sickness at home, these people are indeed jumbo-criminals. Yet, society treats them as gentlemen. Is it not a great tragedy?

One should know that about 50% of the money meant for development is swindled. Otherwise, our country would have progressed many more times than what it is today!!!

Silent Society

Those who have jettisoned ethics and values cannot be changed. They can be only exposed and punished. Apparently, the efforts of Governments are grossly inadequate.

Unless there is a totally autonomous body to look after corruption, it is not at all possible to stop it.

Unfortunately, society has reached a stage where some are tolerant, some are complacent, some are collaborators, and the rest have resigned to the fate.

Should one keep quiet?

In the absence of an autonomous body what is the remedy?

One way is to ensure that all the required evidence is collected against the corrupt and the anti-corruption agencies are helped to take prompt and strict action. Leaving the entire work of collection to the enforcement agencies is at times fraught with the danger of leakage and compromise. RTI and Sting operation are strong weapons of public in this task.

The other way is to educate the youth to become more responsible and work towards a corruption-free country.

Honesty and integrity should be paramount in one’s life. Would not every parent want his children to be so?

The book Bakasur…the jumbo criminal, and the formation of “Anti-Bakasur Brigade” are only the efforts in the two-pronged attack on corruption.

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