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Guide of ABB

Guide of ABB

Consumerism and greed for wealth and luxuries have become the new norm of our society.And, all-pervading Corruption and bribery, and lack of ethics and values have become the orderof the day. Although everyone is suffering, we have accepted them as inescapable and thus as a of way life.Our society is thus degenerating in its core values and outlook. What is a human being, without character and values? He is only an evil force.

Yet, people in general are indifferent. It could be a state of helplessness or it could be the convenience and comfort of illegal wealth. Even people with conscience are watching the decay in our society, as mute spectators,may it be helplessly.

Just think of it. While we condemn petty criminals, we condone jumbo criminals. Yes. Corruption and unethical practices involve an umpteen number of major crimes. And those who are committing them with greed are jumbo-criminals, and are thus Rakshasas. With unlimited greed for illegal wealth they are Bakasurs. By swindling society’s money, they are anti-social elements. By swindling nation’s wealth, they are anti-national characters.

The moot question is whether such Bakasurs deserve any respect. Instead of giving them respect, as good citizens, don’t we wish that they all should be sent to jail by the government?

It is true that the government has a big role to play in the enforcement of laws and bring in values in the systems. But, what is happening instead? Decades passed after we got Independence, and the virus has only spread further more to every segment in the society and the problem has become now mountainous. Governments have failed miserably. Their actions have only been feeble and symbolic. It is too obvious that there is no real will to stop these crimes and bring in a culture of honesty.

Being responsible citizens of this country, should we then stay quiet and allow the present

situation to continue forever and drift further? Surely, every citizen who has conscience and respects values, would only say, ‘No, Never’.

What should we do then?

We should not continue to be a part of the society of these rakshasas. We should not allow our children to become Bakasurs. Therefore, we should build a large society of law-abiding honest people, who hate corruption and unethical practices.

At the same time, we may tackle corruption by exposing it and demanding firm government action, of course,by following due legal procedures. The Bakasurs should be put in panic; they should be put to shame. Good people who are knowingly or unknowingly in the clutches of Bakasurs and their culture should behelped to come out and join our honest family.

This is exactly the mission of our ABB. Our plans and programmes have been designed accordingly, and would be improved further in course of time.

Please visit our website thoroughly to understand and absorb our mission. Please read the book ‘Bakasur….the jumbo criminal’ to appreciate why we should all come together.


Our ABB’s mission is to build a large society of good people, wherein everyone in every family will endeavour to be honest, hate corrupt and unethical practices, be law-abiding, have civic sense, have compassion, be service-oriented, rise above pettiness of caste and religion, be environment conscious. Our children should grow up as decent human beings and responsible citizens. Our aim is to integrate good people from all sections of the society, irrespective of religion, caste, status, wealth, etc.

Thus,we will all work with the Slogan:

“Be good, do good, spread good,

With clean heart, clean life, clean environment”


A) Registration :-In order to achieve our mission, we have formed our society “Antibakasurbrigade”, with Headquarters at Visakhapatnam and got it registered vide No. 765 of 2014 with the following structure:

B) Executive Committee:-The mission of organisation shall be carried forward by the Executive Committee, which is the main body, consisting of President,Vice president,Secretary,Joint Secretary, Treasurer and five committee members

C) Subsidiary Teams:-Then, there are other subsidiary teams for day-to-day working of ABB, on specified tasks,which are in the process of being formed.

i. Coordination Team

ii. Disciplinary team

iii. Campaign team

iv.Technical team

v. Legal team

vi. Special team to handle corruption matters etcD)Area Coordinators Each city/town is geographically divided into several parts basing on the working convenience and are termed as ‘areas’ and all such areas and other villages in the district will be headed by an ‘Area Coordinator’, who will coordinate the activities in the respective area and will be the functional intermediary between the organisation and the general members.There will be a General Body of the District, in which all the Area Coordinators of the district would be the members.

E)Pyramidical Sructure:- In course of time, once our concept expands to other districts and states as well, we will have the following four tired organisational structure:

  • >central committee
  • >Chapters at State level
  • >Units at District level
  • >Local Units at Area/Town/Village level


A)Model District unit:-Firstly, we have to make the Vizag District Unit as a role-model. It can then be replicated in other places in the state and country by good people of those areas. As for Vizag district, we have planned to divide it into 100 areas, which will all be headed by Area Coordinators.

Our target of membership is 1000 in every area – be they children, be they adults, or senior citizens. Thus, in all, our target is 1 lakh members in our district. It will grow up further in course of time.

However, we may start with a modest target of 100 for every area initially.

B) Role of Area Coordinators

In achieving this mission, our committed and selfless Area Coordinators have an immense role to play. They are not only partners in the mission of ABB, but they are its pillars of strength. Therefore, the dedication and contribution of each and every Area Coordinator is so important in bringing about the social change envisioned, that it cannot be measured. Indeed, every AC should becomethe face of ABB in his/her area. Firstly, the Area Coordinators have to enlarge our membership and meet our initial targets,as under.

  • 1. Remember your ultimate target of 1000 members in your area.
  • 2. Form a cohesive team of 20 to 30 members.
  • 3. Divide your area among the team members
  • 4. Guide each member to divide his/her area into at least 10 smaller areas; and help them in forming a team in each area of theirs.
  • 5. Decide the target according to the convenience of each one of them so that the total target of 1000 of your area is achieved.
  • 6. Never compel anyone to be a member. Only explain to people about our mission. If they want to be part of our large honest family and if they want their children to grow up as good, ethical and responsible citizens, let them join us.
  • 7. Firstly, let each one make a list of those who are willing to be members and collect all details and documents that are required to make them members.
  • 8. Divide the members in the list into smaller brigades – Children brigade (10 – 15 age group), Students Brigade (15 – 22 age group), Active Brigade (all others)
  • 9. Organise talks in schools, colleges, clubs, associations in your area in consultation and coordination of the central team and strive to explain ABB’s concept elaborately.
  • • Willing students be made members
  • • Convince them to persuade their parents and siblings also to become members, so that the entire family joins us.
  • • If 200 students, and thereby 200 families of your area, join us, the total would,work out to be 1000. And your target is achieved.
  • • In addition, there will be others.
  • 10. Taking new member through references would still be the best way
  • 11. Once ourtarget of 1000 in your area is achieved, we can hold a ceremony of induction and take our pledge together.

Never feel that you are alone. There will be total support from the Headquarters, sometimes even by deputing good speakers and organisers.

If every area coordinator works on the above lines, our total strength of One Lakh in Vizag District would become a reality. Imagine! A large honest family of 1 lakh good people!!! It will be the privilege for every one of us to be in the company of so many good people. Then what do we do?

Once our target is achieved, our mission has to be taken forward. It is our firm belief that moulding the character of our children is paramount to the success of our mission. Good and responsible children when they grow up would be the greatest asset to our society and nation. For this, Area Coordinators will do the following:


  • >Hold regular meetings with their teams and come out with plans
  • >They should form small groups of 10 to 15 children and make a willing senior citizen to act as their mentor in character building
  • >While the elders endeavour to follow our mission in letter and spirit, the character of children and youth would be moulded by the Senior Citizens on the following points of our SLOGAN:
  • >Community Service:-The Area Coordinators would organise the following programmes from time to time:
  • • Cleaning of parks, government hospitals, schools, colonies
  • •​Celebrating  birthdays of members, by organising shramadan, and planting of trees, celebrate festivals
  • •​ Planting trees and their nourishing in general
  • •​Spreading the message of ABB through Bakasur stories, skits and street plays etc
  • •​Organising charity work
  • •​ Coordinating with traffic management whenever necessary

*Providing training to our members in First Aid etc.


A) Be good

  • • Civic sense, social responsibility
  • • Optimism and positive outlook
  • • Ethics, values in life
  • • Honesty, truthfulness
  • • Obedience to law
  • • Decent behaviour
  • • Thrift
  • • Organising time
  • • Anti-ritualism, rational thinking
  • • Humaneness

b) Do good

  • • Dignity of labour, volunteer spirit
  • • Selfless service to the society
  • • Respect to fellow citizens
  • • Collective living – festivals, birthdays-celebrating collectively
  • • First aid, traffic control
  • • Charity and compassion for destitutes,orphans and old, infirm, disabled people
  • • spirit of unity-our family,our society and our nation
  • • Becoming role model in popularising ‘organs and body donation’ movement
  • . Concern for Child and women welfare
  • • Support to poor and under previlised.

c) Spread good

  • • Religious tolerance
  • • The Area Coordinators would organise the following programmes from time to time:
  • • Cleaning of parks, government hospitals, schools, colonies
  • •​Celebrating  birthdays of members, by organising shramadan, and planting of trees, celebrate festivals
  • •​ Planting trees and their nourishing in general
  • •​Spreading the message of ABB through Bakasur stories, skits and street plays etc
  • •​Organising charity work
  • •​ coordinating with traffic management whenever necessary

Hatred against Bakasurs

. Purity of thought and broad mindedness

  • • Anti-Consumerism
  • • Value of hard earned money
  • • Health, diseases, nutrition

. Clean and hygiene environment


A) By exposing the corrupt

• Area Coordinators would gather information about illegal activities, corrupt and unethical practices like:

  • – Adulteration of food etc.
  • – Overpricing
  • – Municipal works,
  • – Illegal constructions,
  • – Police, transport
  • – Health, education
  • – Registration office
  • – Revenue offices, etc. etc.

• And pass on the information secretly to the Special Team of ABB for processing them legally further

• Once ABB exposes it, in addition to the legal process to be pursued, the corrupt people should be put to shame by spreading the information about them by word of mouth in the entire area where they reside

B) By elevating the Honest Honouring the honest people to glorify honesty in the society we live i

7. Charity Work

A) Happiness in Helping:-Pleasure is different from happiness. Whereas, pleasure is momentary, happiness is lasting. For example, wearing expensive branded clothes may give pleasure, which is only temporary. But, one does not realise that the same items can be brought at much lower prices. If the balance saving is spent on feeding or clothing of needy people, it gives immense lasting happiness.

B) Promoting Thrift:-If thrift is promoted andconsumerism is hated, and if the concepts of compassion and public service are absorbed, our members would feel proud in doing charity work. For example, if every one of our 1 lakh members can save only Rs.10 every month for charity work, it would total to Rs. 10 lakhs. This amount is sufficient to maintain a charity home and look after 500 mentally disabled children, and deserving and needy old, infirm, destitute and other disadvantaged people. Imagine, if this concept catches up in other districts as well, how many such people could be taken care of. It would be a great contribution of members of ABB to the society. Instead of taking donations for such institutions, we can maintain them ourselves. Also imagine how much of happiness comes to every one of us, particularly to our young children. . It will also help in reducing the conflicts in middle-income groups in which children aspire for luxuries.

C) Catch them when young:- The values instilled into the minds of children in the incipient stage, they become values of moral excellence when they grow up, and in course of time,an honest society will emerge in the generations to come.Our effort is primarily to see that these children grow up with a positive frame of mind

D) Recycling of Resources:-Collecting unused medicines, old cloths,books,old books and old toys(for children),utensils and other household articles from the affluent people in the society and distributing them among the poor and needy people living in slums,trackside and on footpaths.

E) Blood Bank on Mobiles:- Blood group of each member of ABB and the list of blood donors will be maintained by ABB head quarters and the donors will be directed to reach to the patients in hospitals to donate blood to members of ABB as well to the general public in case of exigencies.

8. Voter Education:-Educating urban poor and rural folk on proper utilisation of their votes during elections of Parliament/Assembly/ Localbodies.

9. Funds

A) Sale proceeds of books:-We do not intend to collect donations from others for running our organisation. It is through the profits coming from the sale of the book “Bakasur…the jumbo criminal” that we would like to go forward. Every family in our society should try to own this book since it would,not only keep on inspiring them about our mission, but also reinforce within,the financial position to run the organisation in the right dignified direction.

B) Contribution from members:-In addition to the membership fee of Rs 10/- now collected at the time of admission, liberal contributions from our members, as per their financial capacity would be welcome. It is our society, our money. We are all partners in this mission. Please think of it.


                                          Let us

          come together—move together—march together

                                    determining strongly to

        bring the desired transformation of the society in a way

                                      that remains forever

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