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The Concept

Compare a corrupt man with a thief. Mostly someone commits crimes like thefts to beat hunger and sickness at home. A corrupt man has all the security in life, yet, he commits several serious crimes because of greed.
But, we treat a thief as a criminal and a corrupt man as a gentleman. Is it not a dichotomy in the society?
If we call a thief a criminal, a corrupt man should be called a jumbo-criminal. The analogies in our mythological stories are very apt. If a thief is a devil, a corrupt man is a great evil force – the rakshas.
And, among the rakshasas, Bakasur in Mahabharat has unlimited hunger. A corrupt man also has unlimited hunger for corrupt money. In the name of development, many public servants, politicians, businessmen, industrialists and professionals indulge in unethical practices, and loot public money and work against the society and the nation. They extort bribes from individuals or cheat them.
Is it not then appropriate to brand corrupt men as Bakasurs and hate them because they are anti-social and anti-national? Is it not time to change our mindset of tolerating corruption and corrupt practices, and hate them instead?
The small novelette "Bakasur...the jumbo criminal" with illustrated stories of corruption is an effort to enlighten the youth to detest corruption and not to become Bakasurs. It is to encourage them to fight corruption and save our nation.

Logo Explained

This is our corrupt man - BAKASUR, the anti-social, the anti-national jumbo criminal.
Look at the nose. It is a pig’s nose. Why? Human excreta, which is a waste, is eaten only by pigs. Similarly, corrupt money, which is a waste, is greedily gobbled by corrupt men, the Bakasurs, like the pigs. They scent dirty money.

The tongue? It is a double-tongue depicting the way the Corrupt Bakasurs conduct themselves.
The cap indicates the authority such people wield – either bureaucrats or politicians with their authority in government, or the
businessmen or industrialists with their money power or professionals lacking ethics.

With the abuse of power or authority such people choke the systems, which is shown through the pressure exercised on the red beacon.
By such abuse of authority, they fill their enormous stomachs with ill-gotten money.
The result of such misdemeanour is that scales of justice are tilted. Injustice is caused either to individuals or to the society or the
nation. The Bakasur is shown to tilt the scale of justice with his finger nail.
One must be aware that such Bakasurs are also very insecure and turn very religious. The forehead with religious marks and the fingers
with several rings and stones only highlight their state of their insecure mind.

Such Bakasurs are always given preference over common man by the gurus. Thus all the front rows of gurus in ashrams are generally
reserved for Bakasurs. Have you not noticed it?
They always have side-kicks and chamchas polishing their feet as shown in the picture.

Gandhiji is shown to have emerged from one of the currency notes. Poor man, he holds his head with both his hands in desperation, sulking, ‘Is it what I have created? Is it to leave the country in the hands of such Bakasurs that I fought so hard with the British?’

Great Hope

It is hoped that this small novelette, full of real-life sting operations, which has been translated into all the Indian languages, will inspire at least some of the youth not to become Bakasurs, and some of them to stand up and fight against corruption.
If this happens, it can be hoped that there will be good days for the country, since one knows it is not possible to change the already corrupt money-eating pigs. It is only through strong legal action and hating them that the latter could be checked.
It is with this mission that Anti-Bakasur Brigade is formed.
Please join us in this mission.

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