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How to be a Member..

Please join the ABB as members if you satisfy the following criteria:

  •          1.You should be a good and responsible citizen
  •          2.You should not be involved in any criminal act or violations of law or following any unethical activities or are causing any public disturbance

If you have decided to be a member of ABB:

  •         1.Send your application in the form prescribed and attached to this site
  •         2.Pay Rs. 10 towards non-refundable annual membership fee
  •         3.Enclose self-attested copies of Address and Identity proof

If your application is complete in all respects and you are eligible:

  •         1.You will be a provisional member
  •         2.You will become a permanent member only after a thorough scrutiny of your application and verification by the governing body of ABB, which has the right to accept or reject the same without giving any reasons

Note: Reading of the book titled ‘Bakasur…the jumbo criminal’ is essential to understand the mission of ABB. Hence we recommend you to read the book, which costs Rs.150 and can be obtained directly by sending email request to It will also help our cause since the profits from such sales will be added to the Fund of ABB.

Click Accept to fill Online Application


Offline Application

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