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Dr. Sri. M.T.Venkateswarlu


1968-born Paediatrician Dr MT Venkateswarlu
was brought up at Visakhapatnam and did his medicine at Andhra Medical College.

After working in London for 9 years as
Paediatrician and Neonatologist, he returned to Visakhapatnam with a great
ambition to run a Hospital with sound ethical principles. He thus succeeded in
establishing the Prasanthi Hospital.

A man unbending to unscrupulous practices,
for three years he encountered several vagaries of the corrupt systems before
he decided to give it a chance after some more time and passed the Hospital
into the hands of the Corporates.

He is a vocal advocate of social justice,
all-round development, anti-corruption, improvement and standardisation of
Health Care in India.

In order to pursue his above goals, he even
dabbled in politics for a while and contested unsuccessfully to the Parliament.

Reverses do not matter for Dr Venkateswarlu.
What all matters is a life soundly built on ethics and values.


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