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Our Mission


  1. To organise campaigns through website, media and other means and promote:
    • Promote awareness among people, especially the youth, about theevil effects of corruption so that they would change their mindset of complacency towards corrupt practices.
    • Promote the aspects of ethics of integrity and honesty among the youth so that they would not become Bakasurs in their lives.
    • Promote the brand name of Bakasur for corrupt persons.
  2. To expose corrupt practices in public service and with due evidence, assist the legal agencies to take strong action against corrupt Bakasurs and to stop malpractices.
  3. To promote among the youth and members:
    • Respect for honest citizens, in place of blind regard to dishonest people belonging to their caste or religion
    • Moral values,law-abiding nature, civic sense, a sense of responsibility towards society as well as commitment to fight against social evils like dowry and to implement the social legislations made from time to time by the government authorities in letter and spirit.
    • A spirit to give a helping hand to needy children in their educational, cultural change to respect humanity and universal brotherhood by crossing the narrow boundaries of caste and religion and to work for the integration of the society, etc.
  4. To take up any other socially relevant issues.
  5. To seek support of honest citizens, NGOs, Clubs, Associations, Institutions and Civil societies and Educational Institutions irrespective of their political affiliations in pursuing the above mission.

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